Drafting Archetypes is a weekly podcast that teaches players about drafting, with a deep dive into drafting a single color combination in a particular format each week. Sam begins with fundamental principles of limited and unique incentives for each archetype, and explains how to evaluate cards in the context of the strategic role that each archetype should occupy. This provides immediate actionable advice for listeners that allows them to experience and practice applying principles that carry through into broader skills at Magic: the Gathering.


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Looking for more personalized content? Book a private coaching session with Sam! Sam's happy to work on a wide variety of Magic skills and formats, and has also offered advice in other areas. If there's something you'd like help working on, and you have reason to believe Sam could help you, feel free to reach out on Discord, Twitter, or email if you're not sure if coaching would be appropriate. If you know what you want, you can just use this Calendly link to book a session.

The fee is $100/hour or $75 for streamed coaching. Most sessions are conducted on Discord, but many other platforms are fine. If anything needs to be arranged before your session, Sam will reach out at the address you provide.

Sam is an experienced consultant in game balance and game design, with a long history of competing, writing about games, and consulting on card game design. For any consulting inquiries email samuelhblack@gmail.com